All About Broad Peak

Broad Peak, also known as Falchan Kangri, is one of the world’s tallest mountains.

Why Is It Famous?

Broad Peak is famous because of its elevation. At 8,051 meters higher than sea level, it is the 12th highest mountain found in the world.

What’s Nearby?

Broad Peak is in Gilgit-Baltistan, located in Pakistan and Xinjiang, China. It is within the Gasherbrum massif and part of the Karakoram mountain range. Broad Peak sits about 8 kilometers from K2. The mountain sits between K2 and the Gasherbrum IV, on the Baltoro glacier’s western portion.

Geological Description

The summit of Broad Peak is more than 1.5 kilometers long, which led to its name. In addition to Broad Peak, the mountain also has other summits, including Rocky Summit, Broad Peak Central, Broad Peak North, and Kharut Kangri.

The length of the peak has led to some arguments as to whether Broad Peak has one or two summits. Many feel the mountain’s central peak is not separate, while the other side points out the difference in snow as evidence. Global warming is a concern for the height of Broad Peak as the snow on its true summit melts, which could cause the fore summit to become higher than it is.

Events in Time

The name Broad Peak came from Martin Conway, a British explorer, in 1892. It referred to the Breithorn mountain in the Alps.

Broad Peak’s first ascent was in June 1957 by an Austrian expedition. That expedition included a first attempt reaching 8,030 meters at the forepeak. It also included a flash first ascent for Skil Brum peak. More summits occurred over the years, including some deaths. The first ascent by a woman on the mountain occurred in 1983. The youngest person to summit was Shehroze Kashif in July 2019. He is also the youngest Pakistani who has climbed to this altitude.

In Conclusion

Broad Peak is one of the world’s highest mountains and is part of the Gasherbrum massif, where you can find many of the tallest mountains in the world.